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New Year, New Way

The New Way the Old Manifest.


As the calendar page turns to a new year, it's not uncommon for many of us to engage in deep reflection and speculation. It's a time marked by the initiation of new ventures and the conclusion of old patterns that no longer contribute positively to our lives. This process involves moving with greater intention and specificity, a concept deeply rooted in the practice of conscious language. Drawing inspiration from a cherished book, we are taking the idea of speaking and moving with intention to the next level. It led to the creation of Elevated9, a framework designed to guide individuals on the path to their soul's highest potential. This following series of posts will gradually unravel the concept of ELEVATED, offering an outline that anyone can adopt to initiate conscious, positive changes in their life. We will define and live by our values, practice gratitude, and set and pursue meaningful goals. What can be better than that?!?

We are at the beginning of this path, a journey of empowerment and self-realization. It's about achieving a state of complete awareness and accountability for our actions and thoughts. In my observations, spanning across my generation and the one preceding it, I've noticed how the lines of our beliefs and practices are increasingly becoming blurred and distorted.

As humans, we draw these lines, giving us the power to reshape and use them to our advantage. Reflecting on Western history, it seems evident that maintaining certain boundaries while strategically repositioning others could be beneficial. This series is more than just a guide; it's a call to embrace consciousness and choose actions leading us to a life of empowerment and alignment with our truest selves. Stay tuned as we explore this transformative journey together

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