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Diwali is dope!


Ase & blessings to you this Deepavali! In most spaces outside of India it is called Diwali & frames as a festival of lights. Yes, I am a highly melanated man, born & raised in the United States. Yes, I will share a couple key points of value that even the most obscure among us can appreciate.

As stated, it is generally seen as a festival of lights. As we roll into the darker months of the year many can appreciate more light. More specifically, this luminous expression is symbolic of the light of knowledge, love & liberty defeating ignorance, fear & bondage. Despite religious or philosophical differences, all who are growing & seeking can align with an occasion such as this. It is situated in the space of the year when most of the creatures in the north are beginning their phase of hibernation. As the animals begin to rest & the plants change color & go dormant, we modern humans have a different que. Where we also once adjusted our behavior with nature, we now react to our artificial environment. Instead of celebrating the essence of life, enjoying activities at home as a family & genuinely celebrating the blessings here & to come; in the west the majority shop & watch. Candy for this day, stuffed with junk on that day & then go shopping & blow the farm on “deals”. As a world, with the wars & chaos happening abroad, refocusing on the light in all of us overcoming the darkness within our very selves, even for one day, could revolutionize our world.

The history & mythology at the source of this beautiful, five day long festival is rich & enchanting. I encourage you to take a dip into the pool of the mind that comes from the Dravidian people of the Indus-Kush valley. Here I highlight one of the central figures admonished at this time to illustrate the mindset. Her name is Sri Lakshmi, the embodiment of the feminine power that sustains our reality. She is the bestower of blessings of health & wealth on those who are clean, diligent, righteous & devoted. In ancient Kemet she would be called Maat. The root of her name means aim or goal. No wonder this is such a harmonious occasion! The Divine Mind here is focused on the forces, thoughts & actions that cultivate balance, reciprocity, unity, righteousness & prosperity for families & communities. If that is not light overcoming darkness please share with me what is.

How do we get in on this K? Glad you asked! Millions & millions of people all over the globe are focused at this time. There is uplifting music, dancing, singing & chanting. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the same. There are parents & children creating elaborated & colorful designs & decorations all around their homes together. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the same. There will be so many candles, torches, lanterns & fires lit that you can see it from space. Literally! Look it up. Fill you home, your minds & your hearts with light. Focus on how good it is. Focus on how good it could be realistically if we worked as hard as possible. What is that grand & glorious possibility that seems just out of reach. Now is the time to see that as clearly as possible. If you tap into the energy & activity of this time & focus on the almost impossible possible, the light will shine a path to that reality by the time the light of sun shines down on you reflecting off the full moon. Blessings to you this Diwali! Jai Sri Lakshmi! Duau Maat! Ase family.

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