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Why you trippin?

We have entered spring in the south, autumn in the north, the changing of leaves & the beginning of basketball season; it is October. Leaves have begun to share their shades of browns, oranges & reds. Fruits have fallen from trees & the birds sing less & less. Slowly the shorts are being retired & the sleeves are born from the closets & drawers. Halloween decorations & turkey adds fill yards & media. The changes in the culture & environment due to our place in the cycle of the year is a clue to us that the cycles are key to better understand the changes within us & our world. Awareness & understanding openness us to mastery & manifestation. Let’s explore some examples.

They year, month, & daily rhythms we are accustomed to are the guides we use to structure our time & coordinate existence with so many other individuals. There are other grand cycles that humans have tracked for thousands of years. Such a one that occurs on the west coast of America is the called the ARkStorm 1.0. It is a mega-storm that rages every 100-200 years. While most people are concerned about a major earthquake many are completely unaware of the impending danger of a storm that is estimated to potentially cause over $750 billion in damages, completely erasing entire towns indefinitely. With all the discussion in California about going electric, how will the state deal with a catastrophe of this magnitude?

On a larger scale yet shorter time frame, there is our sun. Approximately every eleven years, the north & South magnetic poles of the sun switch. One end of this cycle creates what is called the Solar Minimum. This is the expanse of time when the sun is least active. We, as of 2024, will be entering the phase called the Solar Maximum. This is the height of sunspots, solar flares &coronal mass ejections. What does that even mean? In simple terms it means increased heat, increased drastic weather changes & the increased possibility of global catastrophe. The current wars, economic downturn turn & global uncertainty considered, how do we begin to prepare for a solar induced cataclysm in under a year?

Finally, let's look at an example of a cycle closer to home for us all. Perhaps you are in family that is not totally unified, working a job or jobs to barely meet your needs & eating a typical American diet in the form of food, beverages & content. You wake most days from mediocre sleep to drag yourself like a zombie to coffee & starches to stimulate begrudgingly preparing for work. You anxiously plug through the day, complaining & waiting for it to end. You leave work depleted to have mediocre interactions with people that all claim love while you all reach for sugar, starches & things that crunch, staying up late staring at a screen to snore away mediocre sleep. Wake & repeat everyday minus the weekend, in which poor decisions & more unhealthy choices are expected, to make up for the mediocre week. Any of this sound familiar? You are fortunate that this is not you, yet this is the reality of many “adults” in our modern age. These cycles lead to heart disease, diabetes & cancer that are the top killers of humans to date.

The power & effect of that these processes play in our lives is obvious in light of these examples. In our day to day lives we are not used to stepping back to look at our processes in this manner, so we often feel powerless. Fortunately, all the power in creating & managing these processes is within us! In this age where information is so available & attention is being pulled every direction the tool to use in the question: “Who is doing/saying/thinking this?”. This simple question, followed by a moment (or more) of sincere thought will alter your daily reality in amazing ways. Consider the sense & the feeling of answering that question with “a dog”, “a beast”, “a whore”, “a man”, or “a goddess”. The thoughts & actions that come from each of these mentalities is drastically different. My friend, take some time today & consider what you did yesterday. From rising to resting last night, who was living your life? Then consider, who is living today, tomorrow & ever more. Choose divinely!

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