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Why you asking so many questions?


There is nothing in the realm of man as power as the question. The most patient person can be broken down by a toddler & the hardest gangster can be cracked by a properly delivered question from a woman. People have been pardoned & people have been executed based on the power of the question. Individuals, communities & the civilizations have been wholly shaped by the power of the question. Why? It is because the question opens us to Possibility.

The Question is all of the expressions you use in order to get information. We think of this being done verbally however all of the forms of human expression carry the ability to question. The lifting of one eyebrow or a smile with a slight lean back can query a romantic interest or the validity of what is being said to you. Someone simply putting their hand out; facing up, facing down, facing sideways or in a fist are all different questions in different contexts. It is a force & a tool that we are working with all of the time. Often ignorantly & or to our detriment. In this blog I have attempted to keep my heavy use of it to a minimum. Not promising that will last. Questions are just too good! Think of a blank sheet of white printer paper. You have a brand new marker. You pop the cap off. You position yourself to pen something. Now stop there. This is the moment of power. This is where all possibilities exist. In our day to day routines we can get lulled into a dreamlike state. We are aware of the big moments but most of our life is a blur. When we take an honest look (often not in the happiest of circumstances) we can feel a bit constricted, a bit confused or even a bit condemned.

If we examine our habits, I am confident most will find that they are using the power of questions to build their own personal hell. Think about it. If you are asking why something is happening, convinced the reasoning is not in your favor, what are the chances the answer will reflect that? High! In line with the dual nature of our experience in this world there is a way to question that leads to life & a way that leads to anti life. To limit our knowledge, indulge in destructive emotion, set ill intentions & be practicing unhealthy living habits is a picture of a way that is anti life. There can be no nuance & therefore life is choked out. A way that looks like life is one which is pursuing knowledge of self, has the perspective that they are in charge of their thoughts, feelings & emotions. This way sets intentions for the good of all & to do what is right & in balance, including their lifestyle habits. This person's environment may be a challenge. This person's innerverse & immediate circumstances will be more heavenly. They will be like the boys in the flames who walk out without even the scent of fire upon them.

In the West in general & in the melanated community specifically, the situation has grown dire. The costs & limitations of living, housing, health care & education among the list of needs that living people (& even those past) have today is staggering to say the least. The rise in homelessness & disease states & wealth disparity are more impactful epidemics than the 2020 crisis. We in America live in a place & time that we can move the meter toward something that better reflects the true needs we have. We can do this by individuals, couples & communities taking the initiative to use their question power prosperously. Follow the formula that leads to life. Practice it as a priority & demand it of others in your space. Asking the right questions the right way is how we unlock the next level of the game. Can it get any better than that?

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