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What's up with August?


July is done & August has begun. If you know any romance languages you will recognize a distinction in the names of these months & the ones that follow. Sept means seven while Oct is eight, but somehow July is the seventh month & August is the eighth. How? Why? There are a number of gems we can uncover delving deeper into this investigation. While touching on a few shaping factors of this inconsistency, we can use our Ajna to see what value we can extract toward framing our lives & managing our time to live the experience we deserve.

August marks the end of summer & the beginning of fall. This transition is a reminder that change is a constant in life, & we must learn to embrace it. Somewhat like modern America, the people of the Nile Valley where the keepers of a level of culture & science there those outside of Africa were not privy to. For some time these outsiders learned in awe & later took in greed & now assimilated the world to the point they claim they were the original. A clear example of this, the months of July & August, are present with us in how we keep time in the west. During their times, though diminished by invasions, Kemet (now being called Egypt) was still the clearest example of true civilization in their world. In order to be included, other lied, killed, raped & manipulated their way into the temples, the writings &, in our example, the calendar. Both Julius & August raped (yes men raping men is prevalent in that culture) the High Priest overseeing these sacred records to be included. We are just taught that Julius Caesar modified the calendar. The devil is in the details. Details that continue to repeat to this day.

Confronted with these realities we are encouraged to reclaim how we see our time & our place in the cosmic scheme. To optimize our lives today, we must learn what happened, redefine meaning to prosper us & adapt to new circumstances. August is the commemoration of the Emancipation Proclamation. Just a look into the origin of Juneteenth & the illusions around this start to fall apart quickly. I highlight these because we are all in need of truth to be free. All people are suffering in bondage due to our lack of truth & inability to have honest conversations. Our ability to be honest with ourselves & others is a much greater factor in our freedom than any talk of isms & schisms. We definitely have access to the resources to do so. Libraries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, & if all of that isn’t available you have the internet, which encompasses much of what the others have. We even have AI programs that will go get the information for us. The more we know the meanings & source information about things in our life & world, the more we can deconstruct old programs & create new ones that work for us. Using our time in this way we will understand our place in the world as divine stewards of creation. Not its victims or its destroyers.

The other focus we take from seeing through the illusions of the time as given to us is the discerning & choosing of a mind. The whole of history is a record of the action of different minds. Now that we can see better what happened that leads to us seeing our time this way today, we can better understand some deeper truths of the minds available & what choices work for our good. Do you see the mind that charts the stars, catalogs its environment in all of its language & culture & creates a way to see time that prospers them so greatly the best of other nations still attempt to emulate it thousands of years later? Do you also see the mind that would befriend upfront only to turn to conquest, theft, rape & narcissistic psychopathy to the level of enslaving those who benefited them & then attempting to claim their heritage as your own? This is not about skin color (although one mind did make it a factor), this is about the mind! The way of seeing the world, thinking, feeling, connecting & interacting that expresses the ‘being’ of that which is doing the expressing. People groups that did not develop this connection with their environment, did not map the stars, did not master chemistry & psychology before those words existed - the mind that did not acknowledge the woman as divine (still doesn’t) & which did not bury their dead or even clean themselves properly- this mind grew to colonize much of the world. What mind lives you? Are you cultivating harmony & prosperity in your home & community or are you lying, manipulating &/or intimidating those around you to get what you want? Do you have connection & respect, from the oldest to the youngest & vice versa in your community? Are people innovating constantly on how they can improve where they are & collaborating with others in the community to do so on any scale? Or, is there strong isolation, depression & a general sense that doing anything positive is a waste of time? What is best for most?

We are early into the time frame we call August, blessed with the knowledge of two realities we can do something about immediately; our story & our mind. The effects of ignorance of facts & adopting a lesser mind are seen, felt, protested, rioted & even murdered over. As the seasons are changing, let us also adjust to shine our light on rooting out what has happened. For some of you that will be investigating your childhood, family lineage, history, finances, health & even metaphysics. As we uncover more truth (& overcome the anger of being lied to) we will gain a much more solid sense of our place in this world. We will be able to see the minds that are moving the chess pieces & we can choose to align with the mind that will manifest the greatest good of us all. Let’s leave with a question from the mind who aware of generations that are to come: What kind of world do they have if I choose to keep this same mind?

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