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My first Halloween

A woman in her 30’s woke early this morning simultaneously shivering & smiling. The drop in the temperature signaled to her that her favorite day of the year had arrived, Halloween. She leaped out of bed & got cleaned up throughly just so she could put on an intricate costume & layers of makeup to become a character from one of her favorite movies. She rushed to work where her department will all have their costumes on display & attended a company activity after hours. Like her, millions of children did the exact same routine, trading work for school & a company outing for trick or treating. This custom is so familiar & can be a source of so much fun & a well of memories. Halloween & Dia de los Muertos have deep cultural roots in the Americas & reflect an almost global ritual recognition of this season. A vision came to me a couple years back that was so vivid that it spawned a research journey of which I will share the fruit.

It was a time when there was much more land & people kind was thus, more accessible to each other. The massive ice poles allowed for a huge area of the planet being semi-arid to highly fertile land. Much more language & culture was common to much more of us. We had much of the convenience that we enjoy today such as high-level transportation, technology, communications & entertainment. We had much more unity, much less conflict & a deep, deep shared story that went back millennia. With all of this continual growth toward more unity & prosperity, the warnings that catastrophe was near were ignored by most. The same wisdom that helped us to build that beautiful world was telling us to prepare for the unthinkable & instead of trusting, it was called old & outdate & was not heeded. I could see what we now call meteors falling from the mountain side I was standing on with a group of others who followed knowledges. I could feel the waves of heat & pulses of energy, even though they were many miles away & in the sky. The sense of fear & dread could be felt from the planet itself. I can see where we get the image of ghost in that these hot harbingers did have the appearance of spirits or creatures descending into our world. The cries, the fires, the anarchy that raged for the the day till the waters came haunt the soul. The screams of the people below as well as those with me thinking of the loved ones, life & world washing away before our eyes. So strong that it called me out of the vision.

Research incidents like the Younger Dryas & celestial phenomena such as the various meteor streams we pass through & the cycles behind them. If I am correct, this insane event left such a deep impression on the remaining humans that it is stamped into our core soul memory. It also means that at a high level of unity & knowledge, we as a people can even survive nuclear attack from the sky (so to speak). Let us turn our hearts & minds to each other. Let us build deep connection with each other & the world itself. Let us as the individual level, tap into the interconnectedness of the heavens above us, the earth below us & the world around us. Let us tap into that level of reverence & memory that transcends the boundaries & bombs we have build & repurpose those materials to build the bonds & beauty that can carry us into many more millennia to come. Happy Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos! Ase & Bliss!

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