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Happy birthday Bear!


As we embrace the vibrant June flow, a time brimming with celestial energy & profound cosmic alignments, let us embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of a healthier lifestyle & foster meaningful connections. Drawing upon the mystical tapestry of history, mythology, & the esoteric, we shall explore how the convergence of June, the 17th, the New Moon, and the Summer Solstice

June, often associated with growth, transformation, & rebirth, holds a special place in the hearts of those yearning for deeper understanding. Across various cultures, this month has been revered as a period of great spiritual significance, ripe with opportunities for personal & interpersonal growth.

On the 17th day of June, we find ourselves amidst a momentous juncture, where the energies of the universe align with our intentions. It is also my Earthday (my Mother did all the birthing so it is her birthday). I manifested on this plane in the middle of the day, in the middle of the month, in the middle of the year. Like me, this day is holy. Join with me & let us harness this auspicious day as a catalyst for change & self-reflection. Just as ancient seers studied the stars & planets, we too can attune ourselves to the cosmic rhythms, using this day to set intentions, lay the plan to manifest desires, & embark on transformative journeys. A perfect way to celebrate with me as well!

The New Moon, a celestial phenomenon symbolizing new beginnings & fresh starts, often graces the skies around mid-month. This phase encourages us to turn inward, to delve into the depths of our souls, & to release old patterns & beliefs that no longer serve us. It is also the time the Sun & Moon are closest. The dark nights are symbolic of the mystery & depth & intimacy reached when your personality (the Moon) unites with your highest self (the Sun). The Great King & Queen seldom come out together (eclipse) because true growth happens in the darkness.Let the New Moon be a time for self-care, introspection, & the planting of seeds that will blossom into healthier habits, both physically, emotionally & in all other areas.

As we bask in the radiant glow of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we witness the power of light conquering darkness. This grand cosmic event carries profound symbolism, reminding us to find balance within ourselves & shine brightly in our relationships. Just as the solstice marks the transition from darkness to light, let us strive to illuminate the shadowy corners of our lives, nurturing our physical, mental, & emotional well-being.

Gleaning insights from history & mythology can be quite the labyrinth of esoteric knowledge to traverse. An example would is the zodiac imagery from the Dendera Temple in Kemet (Egypt). This Temple & certainly the mind that went into creating it predates the invasion of the Greeks Romans & the current inhabitants, the Arabs. On it we find, for the sign we call Gemini, not a pair of twin men, but a man & a woman. These Lovers are an excellent, single image to show a core distinction in the mind that developed in the sun versus the one that grew out of the ice. When our ancestors looked to heaven, they saw the balance of man & woman. The Neter (divine principle/force) Het Heru was the focus of this temple as governess of the home & sacred bonds. She teaches us the value of nurturing our relationships, cherishing the bonds we hold dear, & cultivating harmony in our partnerships.In Kemet, the Neter Heru (Horus), symbolizing leadership, integrity, protection & healing, shines his divine light upon the month of June. Healing & protection that comes from following divine law & living embodiments of heaven on earth. Let us invoke Heru's healing energies as we embark on our personal quests, seeking to mend our relationships & foster a sense of wholeness within ourselves & with others.

As the ancient sages & mystics understood, the interplay of cosmic events, historical significance, & mythology are the waters that carry humanity along & they also serve as powerful tools in our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle & improved relationships. Embrace the energies of June, honor the significance of the 17th, utilize the New Moon, & enjoy the Summer Solstice.

May the wisdom of the ages guide you, & may the esoteric & ancestral teachings ignite the flame of self-discovery within your heart. Remember, the path to well-being & fulfilling relationships begins with a curious mind, Sankofa & a receptive spirit. Embrace the mystique of this month, & watch as its magic weaves its way through your life, bringing forth positive transformation & profound connections.Wishing you all a month filled with wonder, growth, & boundless possibilities.

With cosmic blessings, K

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