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..for the kingdom of heaven is within you.”


Welcome to the 8th day of August, what is known by some as the Lions Gate Portal. The 8-8 numerical alignment in Leo has significance to a small population. The concept of this season belonging to Leo has significance to a larger population. The symbolism & significance of the number 8 is probably at least peripherally apparent to you. This time has a special gem to offer all who are willing & open to accept such treasure.

Let say on the off chance you thought that the things happening in the heavens & those happening on the earth have some affect on you & the happenings of humanity. Let also say you had the basic mathematical inclination to trust patterns & cycles. Then perhaps the cyclical rising or showcasing of a star we call Sirius, also called our Spiritual Sun, would be of significance to you. This is the star that the wise men followed in the myth of birth of the christian messiah. The ancestors expressed its divine relation to us as the mother Auset (Isis to the greeks), honored as key in the resurrection & sustenance of the land, & thus the entire civilization, each year. This entire time of testing, celebration & looking forward to the fruitful work to be done post flood as well as the creative exploits to undertake while the waters are high. Without knowing any of the history, science or mythology, one can still tap into the benefit of taking this moment to reflect on your life & determine what your true values & intentions are. If not your life, at least this year. This is an excellent space to bring in some quiet focus & deep breathing. 5 seconds in through your nose, hold for one second & five seconds out real easy. Even if you were emotionally moved enough in your review to begin to write down the things you need to release & let go, use it with the breathing to begin the process, don’t skip this part. Your innverse is infinite space for you to create whatever you like. The process & progress of you becoming Master Creator is up to you.

You don’t need to be into astrology to vibe with the image of a fully realized lion. Respectable, powerful, regal, & undeniable expression that only it can do. Like a king lion, you need to be you. The way people are going with this concept these days is a bit terrifying in the way that being offered two glasses of juice that are identical is if one has poison that is. A good start on that path I am speaking of is to elevate your vibration. This is an excellent time to choose high vibe speech, activities & environments. Easier said than done on the environment sometimes, I’ll give you that. There is just so much you can be doing, although you may be required to adjust your own thinking. Sun in the morning, drinking more water, more harmonious music, time in the woods or near running water, carrying stones, creating art; the list goes on. Do what helps you to feel good at no negative expense to you or others. Get a plant, light candles & incense, take a bath or shower, or just sit down & write happy thoughts, especially goals. When distractions or doubts arise, tap into the other side of that lion. Make the things that would limit your progress toward this better & better be the things you roar at & unleash your ferocity upon. Be all Simba & Mufasa with the things that work for love.

The riches that can be extracted from the number 8 could fill a space much larger than we have here so let's focus on a few points to assist our journey now. I am sure it is lost on you that the 8 is an infinity sign set vertically. The doubly infinite potential available when choosing to tap into cosmic cycles encourages us to dream big, plan diligently & cut what needs to be cut, with no fear. You are probably familiar with the idea that the world was made in 6 days & we are in the 7th day of rest. The 8th day is the day of new beginnings. The day when all things will be made new. Many are waiting for a god somewhere out there to manifest this day. I, in chorus with the ancestors, encourage you to trust that the Divine is within you! WE living true divine nature in unity is the true path to manifesting the 8th day on our planet. Today is a great day to begin. Get clear on the great & wonderful goals you can target for the next 3 months, 6 months, year & 2 years. The clearer the goals, the clearer the plan can be. Clear steps are much easier to take. Clear steps can be made practicable. What you practice will be your reality, health or illness, heaven or hell. Remember what Mufasa said to Simba, “as far as your eyes can see.”. Abundant Blessings in your manifesting fam!

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