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Ajna: Seeing with the eye within

The 'inner eye' on the holiday

December 21, 2022

The Ajna is an energy center located in the center of the human head. It is depicted in a number of ways, most notably as the “3rd Eye”. An eye that no one sees yet it sees all. The transition from fall into winter each year, particularly around the Solstice, is a magical time. Many tales are source material for traditions being practiced by most of humanity during these days. Tales of a couple who found shelter in a manger to bring forth life & hope. Also of a magical man who uses an exit as an entry to homes in order to materially bless those with right intentions & actions. Even the Grinch descended into the village of Who's to find self awareness & the actual freedom he longed for. Just some of the more enjoyable ways that our collective souls have encouraged us to go within. We speak the deep things of us through our myths & legends. In the cycle of years now, the same behaviors are acted out. Decoration, attire, sayings, locations, use of finances & more. Many miss the message. Even nature, with the falling leaves & hibernating creatures, hints to us an appropriate approach to the moment at hand. The whisper can be heard, "Look with the eye that is not seen."

Given how little it is emphasized, it is totally understandable that some may be a little apprehensive. The unknown is known for being the background of our wildest fears. Here is where our collective wisdom can aid us, when looking with our inner eye. There are ideas & desires that you have been pregnant with. You have been looking all over for a place to give birth. Some of these must be cultivated in you first. Step one is to tap into our deepest sense of gratitude. Then to tap into our space of blessing & sharing with others. No need to break into peoples homes in a red costume!

The journey of discovery itself is also the call of these tales to us. Even those of us who have a certain ease in isolation should heed the ring of the bell of community. Though we can feel quite high on the mountain when alone, the sharing of eyes & words & bodies can be transcendent. There are various images of the Ajna energy center. All of them are positioned in a space of balance. Take a note from your traditions & the tales that go with them. Take a note from nature itself. Slow down during these days. Take time to take account. Begin with a blank document & some form of calendar. Make your list of what is most important to you from the recent past & what is most important for recent times to come. Make your list & check it twice. Celebrate your wins! Release everything non essential. Set clear goals. Enjoy your blessings. Be a blessing!. Along with creating these entries, intentionally ingest good information in alignment with your goals to streamline your path to your goals. Good information, from any source, can be transformed into knowledge, which is access to power. Community is a great space in which to apply some of the knowledge gained. Loved based activity with others is an aspect of soul development. We are good for us! Share that goodness & get some for yourself!

Enjoy your winter celebrations & time with those you love. See yourself in your tales. Give space to develop what you have been carrying. Clarify what has been & where you are going. Build & grow your core group, team & family. We love you here & flow with you in all love & peace.

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