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Time to Fall Forward


Saying these months, particularly in text, always makes me pause a bit. The misnaming of time is a red flag I see wave fiercely with September. In our news, on our feeds & even in our own minds there are challenges & tragedies we must resolve. Where there is this, there is also that. With these challenges guidance we can glean from September is the importance of preparation. For much of human history, the Autumnal Equinox was a time when farmers would prepare for the harvest season. They would plant crops & tend to their fields in some climates while plotting post flood efficiencies in others. All to make sure that everything was in order for the coming months. Limiting resources, recession & hints of another shutdown are enough reasons for us to apply the farmers mentality to our own lives by taking the time to prepare for the future.

We have faced many challenges & obstacles throughout our history. Just the last 50 years has seen 3 global evolutions, & we have always persevered. By taking the time to prepare for the future, we can ensure that we continue to overcome these challenges & achieve our goals. The better our understanding of past conditions & solutions, our history, the better we can understand the moment we are in. The clearer we see the moment & context we are in the clearer we can see the path to success.

An example to give a little context to how broad & specific we can be with this. One who lives long enough will probably have some bout with illness. That could lead to a medical visit, medication or both. The very adult question of, “Should I trust this?” could lead to a little research into the history of medical practices where they are in regard to people that look like them. Which may lead to the reasonable conclusion that that person should learn how to care for themself. They then study the human body, nutrition, environment & so on. Does this sound familiar? We all do this with the most mundane things, down to video games & desired shows that one will view on a screen smaller than their hand. A little digging in history & science, as well as one’s own heritage & family roots can break up the “hard dry earth” of experience of life thus far. The application of proper movement, proper use of one’s head & heart & proper nutrition will add the water & light that will make for an abundant harvest in all areas of life.

September is National Self-Improvement Month. Added emphasis that this is a time when we can focus on improving ourselves, whether that means learning a new skill, developing a healthy habit, or pursuing a personal goal. I always encourage seekers to start close & simple. Altering a word or phrase one says often to be positive & empowering. Choosing to brush teeth with the other hand for 30 seconds while mentally repeating an affirmation. Beginning to use the calendar & voice recorder on one’s mobile phone to schedule & take notes. The more adjustments you can make on this level, the more impact you make on your experience of life as a whole. That’s a super power!

Another important event in September is the start of the school year. This is a time when many young souls begin a new academic year. It could be huge for the world if we could get this rhythm back. As a society at large we made a subconscious seasonal focus on education & personal growth. By taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to us, we can prepare ourselves for success in the future. Obviously.

Overall, there are many important lessons that we can learn from September. We will forgive the fact that it isn’t the seventh anything. Whether we look to ancient traditions or current events, this month provides us with valuable insights that can help us achieve our goals & build a better future for ourselves & our communities. We can’t afford not to. We are all connected. We are all responsible to ourselves & each other. We share the air, the water & the light, regardless of what part of earth you occupy. Better you get, the better we get. Let’s go!

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